Choosing a corporate venue for your business event in Bath

Corporate events come in all shapes and sizes. From staff training days to product launches and interview sessions to full day conferences.

Bath Function Rooms have hosted corporate events in Bath for businesses and organisations from Bath city centre and those further afield in Bristol, the South West and businesses on away trips from across the UK and Europe.


7 tips for choosing a business or corporate event venue 

Here’s our 7 top tips for planning your corporate event and choosing an event venue


1. Location, location, location

This depends on the location of your business and the nature of your event, however, the last thing your colleagues or prospective clients want to be doing is taking numerous modes of transports just to get the venue.

Planning a venue close to a central train station or well connected road network is a priority for any business event venue. It doesn’t matter how nice the view is if nobody can get there.


2. Sound

In our experience of attending other business event venues in Bath, ensuring the sound levels from outside noises is appropriate should be a high priority.

We’ve been to hotel venues for conferences where building works or busy roads outside have interrupted presentations and made life difficult for speakers. Speak to the Event Manager to get an honest answer and if you have time to visit the venue more than once do so at different times of day to see how it may effect your event.


3. Numbers

Obvious but commonly underestimated, no-one wants to lean against a wall (or worse sit on the floor) for a day of presentations and meetings.

What seating arrangements can the Event Manager offer the function room you have hired? Are there additional tables and chairs available for the different sessions you are planning for the day? What happens if you run out? Ensuring the capacity and facilities match up with your numbers of attendees must be high up your list.


4. Cost

If you’re planning your business or organisation's event, you’ll likely have been set a budget or you may be the business owner.

Corporate event hire is a competitive industry, especially in places like Bath - so don’t be afraid to negotiate with the Event Manager who is showing you around their hotel, restaurant or purpose built conference rooms. Speak with them about agreeing a price based on numbers, catering options and repeating bookings if your company is looking for a monthly or yearly function room space to hire.


5. Catering

We’ve seen our fair share of stale pastries and cheap coffee from events we’ve attended at other venues.

Don’t scrimp on the catering when you’re hosting a business or corporate event. You’ve invested in the room hire and bringing the right people to your events, so why try and save a few pennies when you’ll leave a bad taste in your guests’ mouths. We’re fortunate to work closely with the kitchen at Green Park Brasserie (below Bath Function Rooms) so have access to a fantastic team of chefs who produce very good food. If you’re looking to arrange a buffet style lunch, a sit down dinner or a more casual style meal with a selection of wood fired pizzas (from Bath Pizza Co.) you’re in the right place.


 6. Break out spaces

Corporate events take different formats throughout the day so break out spaces might not be relevant to your bookings. However, if you’re planning a day long or several day long training day, workshop series or conference, keeping delegates engaged by having different rooms and spaces available for them to be in is a fundamental part of planning any corporate event. Does the event venue have break out rooms, outdoor space or different parts of the building available for attendees to make us of?

At Bath Function Rooms we’re fortunate to have our central function room (for up to 140 people), our boardroom (up to 12 people), the Green Park Brasserie (up to 150 people) and two outdoor covered spaces for up to 150 in Green Park Station and up to 100 people on our terrace at the front of the building.


7. Facilities

Of course your facility needs will be based on the type of corporate event you are planning. There are several key facility services that we know most of our business and corporate hire will require.

Planning for additional facilities (for example if you need high specification technical equipment) should be made apparent by the event you’re hosting.  Speak with the Event Manager at your chosen venue to discuss what they provide as part of the room hire cost as well as what they might be able to hire in at a reduced cost (should they have agreements with local hire companies). Bath Function Rooms facilities are included in the cost of the room hire, see our full facilities for corporate hire in Bath.