Terms and Conditions of Room Hire at the Bath Function Rooms


1.0 School events, 18th and 21st Birthdays


1.1 An additional refundable deposit of £300 must be paid no later than 1 week prior to the event

    1. Damages or thefts will be taken from this additional deposit.

    2. Damages or thefts exceeding £300 will be billed to the hirer.

    3. The venue requires a minimum of 1 licensed security staff member on the door at cost to the hirer.

    4. ID will be required for every guest at every transaction.

    5. Where underage guests are attending, one parent or teacher is needed to be present for every 10 underage guests.


2.0 Criminal Activity


2.1 Venue staff are permitted to refuse service to any guests who appear to be intoxicated, rude or violent.


2.2 Damage to and theft from the venue will be billed to the hirer


2.3 Guests believed to be under the influence or in possession of illegal substances will be asked to leave immediately and the police may be called.


3.0 Bookings and Payments


3.1 Where the hirer has ordered different food items or items for special dietary requirements for serviced meals they must provide the venue with table plans notifying staff of the location of guests in relation to food choices.


3.2 Where entertainment is booked and pre-paid by the venue, no refunds can be made


3.3 All bookings are provisional until the non-refundable room hire fee or deposit is paid


3.4 Final invoice balance must be paid no later than 30 days after the invoice is issued.


3.5 Amendment to the booking can be made up to 1 week prior to the event


3.6 Food and drink prices are subject to review annually.

3.7 Cancellation charges prior to the event booking will be applied as detailed below:

Up to 28 days – no charge

28 to14 days - 50% of the total cost will be charged

14 days or less  - 100% of the total cost will be charged

3.8 Notice of cancellation must be made in writing and will become effective on the date of venue acknowledgment


4.0 Conditions of the Premises


4.1 In accordance with the premises licence, no more then 150 persons will be allowed in the venue at a time


4.2 Decorations are permitted in the venue without the use of tape, blue tack or other methods that might damage the venue


4.3 No smoking is permitted within the venue or to the rear. There is a smoking area located at the front exterior of the venue.



NB: What your Room Hire Fee is used for:


  • Non-refundable deposit to secure the date for you

  • Tells us not to take other enquiries for this date

  • Covers our initial costs i.e. buying in food and drinks, management planning time

  • Covers overheads – heating, electricity, water, gas, staffing for your event, cleaning, table numbers, easel, furniture use


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